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The Main Factors Of Affecting Rolling Bearing Using Life Nov 25, 2017

There are many factors affecting the service life of rolling mill bearings. These factors are grouped into two major categories related to the use of bearings associated with the bearings themselves, as follows:


1, Related to the bearing itself


(1) Design: rolling body diameter, the number of rolling elements, ferrule wall thickness, rolling contact effective length, raceway contact surface crown shape and size.


(2) Material: chemical composition, oxidation inclusions, gas, cracks and other factors.


(3) manufacturing: parts hardness, microstructure, bearing work surface burn, bump scratch, bearing work surface roughness, bearing work surface busbar shape, ring wall thickness difference, poor parts group, roller guide surface precision, bearing Clearances, parts cracks, cleanliness of the bearing, residual magnetism, residual stress on the surface of workpieces.


skf roller bearing.jpg

2, The use of bearings


(1) Rolling Mill Design Rolling mill bearing selection (type, size, load, clearance, accuracy, etc.), bearing fit, bearing box strength, the relative position of the shape accuracy of the parts, bearing capacity, reliable lock Tight, roll deflection and roll heat elongation solution, reliable sealing and lubrication.


(2) Assembly: the size and shape accuracy of the relevant parts such as roll and bearing box, the correct selection and use of assembly tools, the wear and deformation of roll neck and box hole, the temperature of hot-filling, cleaning of assembly parts and bearings, bumping, Bearing corrosion, the correct assembly of the relevant parts of the location, assembly clearance, preload size, selection of lubricants, lubricant filling, lubricant pollution.


(3) Rolling: Whether the transmission is stable, whether the eccentric load, the moment of force, the improper assembly and adjustment of large impact (such as shifting, misalignment), the rolling load size, the impact load size and frequency, the rolling mill speed, Hole-type location distribution, rolling temperature.